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Measuring non-food expenditures

This initiative complements our project that assessed household food consumption surveys, and uses a similar approach to assess non-food consumption data. We are designing an assessment form to evaluate the relevance and reliability of non-food consumption and expenditure data, based on the needs of various communities of users. We will use this form to review the same 100 survey questionnaires that were assessed in the food consumption project.

Project status: Open
Sponsor(s): DFID Trust Fund No TF011722, administered by the World Bank Data Group, and World Bank Development Grant Facility, Grant No 4001009-06, administered by the PARIS21 Secretariat at OECD
Implemented by: World Bank, Development Data Group
Type of output: (i) An assessment framework to evaluate non-food consumption or expenditure data; (ii) a report on the global assessment of surveys and the resulting technical guidelines; and (iii) a meta database on survey methods. A complete draft of these outputs is scheduled for release in June 2014.

Intermediary output:

The following form has been developed and the assessment of 100 surveys started in August 2014.

This form is being used to assess the non-food component of the consumption or expenditure modules of household 100 surveys.